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Group Chairman/Managing Director
Dato’ Kamil Noor Ariff (Group Chairman/Managing Director )

Kamil is the consummate HR professional. His passion for the industry began when he was just a student. As an undergraduate in the South Bank University, London, Kamil chose to major in Manpower to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this people-oriented business. Upon his return to Malaysia, armed with a BA(Hons) in Business Administration, majoring in Manpower he jumped straight into HR practice and has never looked back since.

Kamil’s first nine years in HR was spent in a manufacturing environment where he practiced personnel management (as HR was known then). A further 16 years was spent in a marketing/services/trading environment with Unisys, an American MNC IT Company. There, his passion and dedication led him to the position of Director of HR Operations as well as Head of Compensation for Unisys Asia.

As a Senior HR Practitioner, Kamil has handled the whole spectrum of HR systems, practices and procedures, including:
  • Recruitment & Selection: recruiting staff up to regional levels
  • Compensation: revamping compensation structures and instituting new ones which included position & job levelling and salary structures
  • Incentive Plans: devising and implementing Asia-wide incentive and variable performance plans
  • Performance Management: devising and implementing performance measurement based on SMART objectives
  • Succession & Development: devising and implementing such critical plans for company’s survival
  • Industrial Relations (IR): handling all procedures relating to IR cases up to Industrial Court level
  • Company Start–ups: undertaking 3 start-up operations where all HR systems and practices, including total organisation structures, had to be put into place
  • HR IT: working together with a team to advance the company to a "paperless" environment.
In early 2003, Kamil parted ways with Unisys to start KASK, his own HR Consulting Practice.